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I am a postdoctoral researcher at Northwestern University and a recent graduate of Brown University with a PhD in Cognitive Science. In 2018-2019 I was a visiting researcher and lecturer (Computational Models in Cognition, Applied Early Developmental Science) at UC Berkeley.


I investigate the development of symbolic communication with a specific emphasis of word learning. My studies focus on (1) the development of verbal reference, 

(2) inferences about word meanings from social information, and (3) the effects of multilingualism on adults' semantic networks.

I use a combination of behavioral and eye-tracking measures and employ live acting, video-recordings, videochat, and online apps in experimental manipulations. Recently, I joined the Lookit platform and run an intermodal preferential looking (IPL) study online. 

Apart from my main lines of research, I study children's causal reasoning and speech sound categorization in adults with autism spectrum disorders.

As my pastime, I work as a PARKES radio telescope operator with the Breakthrough Listen initiative at the UC Berkeley SETI Research Center.