I am an NIH NRSA postdoctoral researcher at Northwestern University working with Dr. Sandra Waxman. I received my PhD in Cognitive Science from Brown University where I worked with Drs. James Morgan and Dave Sobel.


I investigate the development of symbolic communication with a specific emphasis of word learning. My studies focus on (1) the development referential links between words and mental representations and (2) inferences about word meanings from social information. I am working to expand my research focus to linguistic and sociocultural diversity in the development of symbolic communication. 

I use a combination of behavioral and eye-tracking measures and employ live acting, video-recordings, videochat, and online apps in my experimental manipulations. Recently, I joined the Lookit platform and run intermodal preferential looking (IPL) studies online. 


In 2018-2019 I was a visiting researcher and lecturer (Computational Models in Cognition, Applied Early Developmental Science) at UC Berkeley. I continue collaborating with Drs. Fei Xu and Mahesh Srinivasan.

Apart from my main lines of research, I have studied children's causal reasoning and speech sound categorization in adults with autism spectrum disorders.

As my pastime, co-host the It's Innate podcast with colleagues Deon Benton and Candace Lapan and work as a PARKES radio telescope operator with the Breakthrough Listen initiative.

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